"No one in Nigeria will make heaven" – Gay rights activist, Bisi Almi

One of the biggest gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has sparked outrage from Nigerians on social media after he said that no one in Nigeria will make heaven.

The openly gay Nigerian stated this in a post shared on his Instagram story on Thursday morning, January 13th.

In accordance to his words, Nigerians expect Rapture to happen like they are prepared for it, while he on the other hand does not believe in a place called heaven.

“The way Nigerians beg for rapture to happen, you will think they already have admission letter to the so called heaven. But I got news for you! No one in Nigeria will make heaven (that’s if there is anything like heaven in the first place), Not even ghetto heaven”, he wrote.

His post did nothing but bring him lashes of words under his comment section. Nigerians rebuked him and some cursed him.

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