“Normalize Going Through Your Partner’s Phone Especially When They Are Sleeping” – Man Advises

A Nigerian man known as Daniel Regha has advised people to normalise going through their partner’s phones.

He insisted that couples should be good with checking each other phones and other portable devices from time to time, especially when they are sleeping.

He encouraged them to do it without permission. According to him, if they find an unfamiliar or suspicious contact, they should investigate it.

In his words:

“Normalize going thru partner’s phones & other portable devices from time to time, especially when they’re sleeping; Do it without permission. Investigate any unfamiliar or suspicious contact. Give ur lover the benefit of the doubt but don’t be too trusting. It’s a wicked world.”

Reacting to this post, Ifyaneke2 wrote: “Make nobody check my devices abeg, I don’t have strength to be explaining what I was doing online by 2am, I no dey cheat so just let me rest simple.”

Noela_Ik added: “From experience… Ever since we both decided to have total and complete access to our phones,All the unnecessary arguments, side-talks, angry face etc stopped.”

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