"Oga Leave Me, Leave My Leg" - Pastor "Oga Leave Me, Leave My Leg" - Pastor Screams In Fear After A Man Who Tied Another Man's Destiny Till He Died Brings The Charm To Him For  Deliverance (VIDEO)

On the 17th of June 2022 in a night vigil in Delta state, an expected events occured which shocked many people as a result of a man who locked another man suspected to be his boss to his own favoured.

According to the voice note sent to us, the man who reportedly prepared the deadly charm for him has passed on, including the man he uses the charm to control, and currently the charm is having a backfire on him which he need a deliverance to be free.

Confessing to the pastor, the man he uses the charm to control has given him a car, bike and some other things he requested for. On hearing this the Pastor got angry and refused praying for the man and he suddenly grabbed his leg asking for a deliverance, prayer and forgiveness.


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