'Pastor' Swallows Eba, Gives Church Members his Finger to Lick as Communion (Video)

A recent video making rounds online captured the moment pastor was seen collecting eba from a bowl held by a female usher on his left and then dipping it in a soup he held with his other hand.

He then swallows the mould and then puts the soiled finger into the mouth of a church member before washing it off in a basin held by another lady on his right and continuing the process.

It was recorded as he repeated the process for all congregants as they stepped out one after the other to receive the communion.

Furhermore, it was also gathered that the personality behind the ‘eba communion’ has before now gone viral for bathing female church members in the church and is famed for carrying out stunts that many say ridicule Christian practices.

The said pastor is now viral for his weird controversial acts.

Watch video below;