Popular Nollywood Star, Saint Obi Dies At Age 57

Saint Obi, a former Nollywood actor, has passed away, according to news reports.

MDB discovered that the incident occurred on Monday, May 7, 2023. He reportedly passed away after spending several months travelling to the hospital for treatment of an unspecified illness.

There has been no formal statement to date, and it appears that his sister, Mrs. Felicia Jofu, is purposefully withholding the information from his friends and the general public.

It is unclear as of the time of publication if his ex-wife, Lydia, has been told.

A resident who spoke to our correspondent anonymously, disclosed that the actor, who he had seen a couple of times and recognized as Saint Obi, had died on Sunday and that the following day, his body was taken to the morgue at JUTH.

This was after a visit to 13 Metropolitan Street in Tudun Wada, Jos where the sister lives.

Saint Obi is said to have recently relocated to his sister’s home in Jos, the capital of the Plateau State, and has frequently been spotted being transported to the hospital.

The fact that Mr. Obi was frequently spotted in the hospital was also confirmed by a source at JUTH.

Obinna Nwafor, better known by his stage name Saint Obi, was a famous actor from Imo State. It is unclear why the news is being concealed from the public, but we have confirmation from numerous sources that he has actually passed away.