Famous Nigerian problematic singer, Portable has once again made the news for his questionable display at a gig outside the country.

The Zazuu Crooner who was paid to perform at a show in Italy stormed out of the venue.

A clip making the rounds captured a displeased Portable lashing out at fans for not spraying money on him while he was performing.

You no get money, Ogun kill you. No money,” the singer said as he shouted at the top of his voice.

Portable told them to use their phones and borrow money if they don’t have.

When he did not get the desired response, he stormed off the stage and walked to where his car was parked outside the venue.

Fans followed him to his car to insist that he returns to the stage to perform, but he said they should firstly spray him cash before he will do that.

The music star entered the car and left the scene as his crew prevented angry fans from laying hands on him.