Dis Car Engine Go Soon Knock, Why Dem Dey Knack Inside - Two Sinners Spotted Engaging In Adam And Eve Act Inside A Venza Vehicle (Video)

Several reactions have started trailing a video of a man and woman having romantic moment together inside a car.

In the clip making the rounds online, the unidentified man and woman makes social media buzzing as they engage in an aggressive cuddling and that was just the beginning.

The duo who are already in an intense state as they were having fun together forgot to off the inner light. 

In the video captured, the man who seems to be in a do**y state with the woman shows off his bedroom prowess as he undergoes swift movement with the lady and by extension makes the car loses control.

The car who is in a stationary states continues to bounce continuouslyand in return calls the attention of onlookers.

Watch the video,