July 20, 2024

Recent video of Moyo Lawal without makeup gets people talking online

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has become the talk of the internet after a recent video of hers without makeup was shared online.

Moyo Lawal looked far paler in this video than she did in real life, which may indicate that she had skin bleaching.

Several internet users voiced their displeasure and speculated that Moyo Lawal had bleached her skin. Many people have been talking about her new appearance.

Read some comments below…

 Recent video of Moyo Lawal without makeup gets people talking online
Actress, Moyo Lawal

@living_richhing wrote: “This is not bleaching, good food and good skin care will give u this, I know some people will want to say rubbish.”

kracc_addicc wrote: “Omooor bbl and bleaching … this girl old age go bad gan .”

gcreamz wrote: “Who do Moyo like this??? Bleaching nor good oo.”

linda_whyte840 wrote: “But this is her real skin na why are people commenting nonsense Una just see her.”

lala_camilla wrote: “Leave her alone I love me some Moyo she’s so beautiful .”

king_chelsea_9 wrote: “Make una shut up everything is bleaching so if you see one who is bleaching you don’t know. Moyo has been like this for years I have known her for years worked with her on set this how real color everywhere in her body are same. Can’t you see the hair make her more bright.mumu people so every one that is yellow are bleaching na because your family there isn’t fair ones there mumu.who is using cream these days bleaching can never make you look like this for ages. If you using cream to make you this fair give your self 5 months you see multiple colors on your skin before you accuse someone you think olodos..”

unique3832 wrote: “If this is bleaching then it’s neat, no knuckles, u don’t expect the face to be as smooth as the other part of the body that is always covered….not saying bleaching is good, her choice though.”

Watch the video below:

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