“Satan you have failed again” – Nigerian Beauty Queen rejoices after physically killing a snake that previously appeared in her dream.

Queen Ubah, the Nigerian beautiful queen has narrated how their security man killed a snake a day after she and her mother had terrible dreams about two huge snakes that entered their house.

Ubah was crowned as the first ever Centenary Beauty Queen when Nigeria marked a 100 years. She now holds a position as the ‘Centenary Queen’ and will do so for the next 100 years.

Read the encounter she shared below ;

Satan you have failed again!

So the night before last, I had a terrible dream that two huge snakes entered my house, in the dream, we caught it and let them go outside, weird right..

So as I was waiting to watch the snake go, they turned and with the fastest speed flew into my house again.

I woke up later in the day yesterday, I narrated my dream to my mom, the sec I mentioned the snake, she said she had snake dreams with two snakes as well so we prayed hard last night and today my security guard kills a snake in a house I have lived for years without such experience.