Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From  Bella Shmurda (Photos).

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From Bella Shmurda.

Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed known as Bella Shmurda is a Nigerian music singer, afro fusion and front leading artist in Dangbana republik, he rose to prominence in 2019 with his hit song “Vision 2020“..

That same year he unlocked an album which he titled “High Tension” having Olamide the founder of YBNL Nation record featured in on of the track on the album.

Since his period or time spent in music industry, the star singer has been doing really well with all the activities involved in music and entertainment.

Just recently he losed “Headies Next Rated” to Omah Lay, but with all this he never felt it a good idea to give up, rather he keeps the spirit up.

The singer has been saying things on social media for a while now, and without his notice LekkiLoaded Media has gathered most of those quotes as we about to unleashed it below.

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From Bella Shmurda.

Here are all the 7 qoutes of Bella Shmurda that has reasons and meaning that you may like.

1 . Believe:- According to Bella on this particular quotes, you can lie to the world but you can’t lie to yourself, this means you should follow your mind and do what makes you feel superior despite challenges you may be passing through.

He Wrote:-Make Sure You Hold On To Your Belief firmly, If I Ever Lie To The World, I Can Never Lie To Myself”.

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From  Bella Shmurda

2 . Religion:- On this post, he made known that religion is one of the problem we are having this time, and beside we have forbidden our own tradition and rather chose that of the white that is critically harming us.

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He Wrote:Don’t Forget Christianity Was A Jew Man Tradition, Islam Was Arabian Tradition.. What’s Our Tradition And Where Is It?

Yes is true, where and what is our tradition?

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From  Bella Shmurda

3 . Slave:- Here, he is talking about slavery which is one of the major things we are facing on our society, helping those people when they finally clime the top, they turn you into a slave.

He direct his thaughts here to church which poor members Will donate their hard earn money to and later their children won’t be able to school in that college.

He Wrote:- Now We’re Enslaving Ourselves! Can Your Parents Afford Education In The School Your Pastor Built?!

4 . Religion 0.1:- Here Bella is still talking about religion, blasting pastor’s for accepting the foreign religion (Christianity) yet still make us of black power..

According to him, things doesn’t work that way, is better you chose one and go on with than trying to adapt to two things at same time.

He Wrote:- Why Would Pastor Accept Foreign Religion And Still Use Black Power, No You Can’t Do The Two, E No Go Spoil?

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From Bella Shmurda

5. Slavery /Religion:- This Very section has it as combination of some he has said in single and he turns out merging it together in clarification of it..

Talking about slavery and Religion at same time, the white who wrote the book of knowledge or life, telling us to love ourselves and not the steal turns back and break the rules by hating us the bl**k and stealing from us.

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He Wrote:- Same People That Wrote Thou Shall Not Steal, Came To Our Land To Steal From Us! They Said Love Your Brothers As Your Neighbor Or Yourself… Why Did They Take Their Brother And Neighbor As Slaves.

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From Bella Shmurda

6 . Language:- Bella on this write up speak about language critics and how our forefathers where deceived that made us lose some of our values.

In further expression of this, he said they taught us their own language, then ours has automatically turned vernacular to us.

He Wrote:- They Taught Us How To Read And Write Their Own Language! Our Own Language Is Now Vernacular To Us! They Made It Easier For Themselves To Fool Our Fathers! Their Language Is Our Official Language!!.

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From  Bella Shmurda (Photos).

7 . Freedom:- He directed this write up or qoutes to our present predicament, he let us to know that “independence” was a business transaction, this means we are still living in the past just a change of government that’s all.

He Wrote:- Independent Or Sell Out!?…. Why Sign A Treaty Independence?!.. They Transacted A Business And Call It Independce.

Seven (7) Reasonable Quotes From  Bella Shmurda (Photos).

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