So Sad!! Another Death Hit On The Air As Ikota Looses Young Street Icon Ezechi.

So Sad!! Another Death Hit On th Air As Ikota Loses Young Street Icon Ezechi.

The year all started sad recounting from the out break of Corona Virus which currently keep each and every family indoor for almost two months following guidelines rules assigned by the government.

With deep heavy heart, I can tell you that the people of Ikota has more death count’s this year than happiness as you may think. Starting from the lost of a street popular icon David know as Davido who died in May then in next two days alao losing another closer which all seemed like a magic to the community.

7 Entertainers In The World.

Drive down to this month of celebration (December) another heart breaking news break out on the go as Ezechi also joined the death counts on the community. The community are not pleased losing youths as seen or mentioned above.

According to some few information gotten from his closer friends, Ezechi on that sad week before he passed away, he was actually complaining of pepperish body. This may be the symphom of some deadly diseases.

All round tears as friends have actually wished him and still wishing him save journey to his creator.

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