Sure you are not wearing pant - Netizens tackles Toke Makinwa as she flaunts her curves in new video (Watch)

“Sure you are not wearing p@nt” – Netizens tackles Toke Makinwa as she flaunts her curves in new video (Watch)

Popular Nollywood actress Toke Makinwa has once again get many people talking following her recent video shared online.

Toke Makinwa who also doubles as an actress via his verified Instagram page today, February 23rd jumped on vibe check challenge that is currently making the rounds online.

This is coming few days after Toke Makinwa said sleeping with a broke man is amazing compared to rich man as she noted that the more wealthy a guy is the poor he is when it comes to showring his bedroom prowess while with his woman.

Toke Makinwa however in the recent video while showing what she has got on the vibe check challenge get many people talking as her camel toe inside her trouser gets to be more revealing that what the fans and followers asked for in the video.

Toke Makinwa while displaying her steps on the vibe check challenge had her camel toe shape gets quite exposed within her trouser more than usual.

Sharing the video, Toke Makinwa wrote,

See reactions below;

ygeekoff: Stephen Gerald .. if u don’t get it .. forget about it 😁.

doofan_susan:  Me is something else I was watching 😂😂😂 @tokemakinwa babygirl4life 😂😂🙌.

firstlady_royal: I just me focusing on your toto abi na only me see something there😮.

_danielregha: Toke Makinwa st¤p promoting !ndecent dressing; That’s n¤t fashion, it’s demoralis!ng. Fashion is a language, an art & a lifestyle. One can look elegant & sleek by dressing decently. The people applauding ur !ndecent dressings are m!sleading u. Don’t forgot u are a public figure.

shewa_27: Why do people give this mouth and tongue expression while dancing 👅 😂.

the.bernadette: You tried small sha.. But the way you’re doing your mouth is 😬.

savage_lifestylez: Shey na only me dey see gbola 😂😂😂.

adebola__ayoade : Who else is seeing what I am seeing 👀.

mirabebedibebe:  Woow @tokemakinwa you look sooo beautiful, did u do pussy surgery, I am aware of yansh, what about pu**y?

jaiye2000: I’m 💯 sure that you are not wearing pant😍.

jul_collection1994: She won this challenge 😍.