Tacha wow fans as she lies about her age

Ex BBNaija star Tacha gives a shocking age review in new interview which caught almost half of the social media attentions.

In the new interview, Tacha was asked how old is she and surprisely the ex BBNaija star quickly follows up in answering the question by saying she is 23 years of age.

Watching the interview clip on media, fans react on it, which actually means teach lies about her age.

As of 23 December 2019, she celebrated 24 years of age which is approaching 1 year now that could makes her 25year.

But seen the interview clip below, Tacha took age reduction from 24 to 23 and social

media is currently on the go, blasting the ex BBNaija star for trying to confused the masses with her new age declaration.

Watch Interview Clip Below!

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