The benefits of joining the Redeemers connect (City Of David Dating Site)

RCCG Church Dating Site, The benefits of joining the Redeemers connect (City Of David Dating Site).

Ever since the laughing of the new platforms for the redeemers, they have been so many reactions, which a lots of people have condemned and also said good about.

If i must say, Pastor Iluyomade is a man of Integrity for coming up with such an idea, giving a meaningful life back to many who have lost interest when it has to do with relationship.

Before the establishment of the site, they have been a joint discussion with several minister’s of the church and after a better conclusions, they finally arrived at a point of bringing the idea to life and was finally put in place.

Facts About Redeemed Dating Site ( You Should Know.

The head minister of “City Of David” the branch that founded the redeemer’s dating site, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade further reveals that, the site is mainly for the church members, meaning it a free spamming site not like the regularly dating site we have randomly.

Every information of the registered member are kept or keep in secured section, he further explained that no one information will be leaked, this alone has a grantee on anyone of the church members to feel safe to register. is establishment not for the purpose of range of promoting sin, but giving a meaningful life to those who are single, widows, widowers and people looking for a life partner and most be a church member to benefit from this.