A quite young lady took to her TikTok page to share how she became a victim of domestic violence shortly after getting married earlier in the year.

The lady who made a video showing how her life changed in the space of a few months, revealed that she’s tired and frustrated and is using her story to raise awareness on domestic violence.

She starts her video by showing what she looked like before the 8-month long ASUU strike and how she then got married and was later, seemingly pregnant. The video then transitions into photos of her with a bruised face and her looking quite leaner than before.

In captions she put in the video, the lady writes,

Story of my life, Before ASUU strike, looking all good. I’m tired. Look at the way I’ve lost weight.

At the end of the video, it appears the pregnancy she once had wasn’t there anymore and this caused people to question what might have happened.

While the video has gone viral on the video-sharing platform, with TikTokers praying for her to heal and all, a handful of people don’t quite believe her story as they feel it’s only made up.

Most of them are of the opinion that the bruise on her face is just makeup.

Watch the video she shared,