Una dey compare chicken with lion - Jobless Nigerian men seen arguing about who is more famous between Wizkid and Mbappe (Video) (1)

“Una dey compare chicken with lion” – Jobless Nigerian men seen arguing about who is more famous between Wizkid and Mbappe (Video)

A video of jobless Nigerian men seen arguing about who is more famous between popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid and France professional footballer, Mbappe has surfaced online and by extension gets many people talking.

In the video that hits the internet, a guy was seen arguing with his fellow guys that Grammy Award-winner, Wizkid is more popular than PSG’s Mbappe.

Giving an example, a guy who is a Wizkid fan noted that if Wizkid and Mbappe have an event in Liberty Stadium and Adamasingba Stadium, the former will have huge audience than the later who comes from France.

Reacting to this, the others guys refused to accept what the Wizkid fan said as they averred thay despite the fact that Mbappe is from France is connection to fans  is more stronger than Wizkid and the footballer will have his event far more occupied than that of Wizkid who is a Nigerian.

Expressing how much he likes Mbappe, one of the Nigerian men said that he wouldn’t mind to take a flight to Abuja al because he wants to see Mbappe and forgo Wizkid show. Another one said Wizkid is stingy and he prefers Davido.

The argument between the Wizkid fan and his fellow guys continued as they continued to drum support for their favourites between the two.

However, a quick check on Instagram confirms that PSG and France Striker, Kylian Mbappe has 102M followers on the photo and video sharing platform, while Wizkid has 16.8 millions followers.

Based on the engagements of the two public figure, Kylian Mbappe has millions of engagements, while Wizkid battle with thousands of engagements on IG.

Watch the moment the jobless Nigeria men argue about who is more famous between Wizkid and Mbappe below;

See reactions below;

thestudentconnectv:  Even haaland is more popular than wizkid talkless of a whole mbappe. Someone with over 100 million followers 😮.

long_nito: Davido is bigger than both of them even Ronaldo and Messi combined 😌.

rossyofnewyork:  Update : World album chart timeless from no 2 last week , back at NO 5 already, going down, no time 🐸🤣.

capable_07:  Exclude Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar Mbappe,s recent World Cup performance alone made him famous than everyone in the world!!!a

osaz.gizzy:  If no be see finish,wetin go even mk person call Wizkid name for where mbappe dey ??

bigtyric4pf: Wiz Dey tour round the world Dey sell out shows o mind u nor be everybody Dey watch ball ❤️.

ola_helix_fund:  Abeg who dey use #footballplayer compare Nigerian artist make the person change him blog 💨🙈abeg👋.

great_aggggg:  Wizkid isn’t even popular than Davido to talk of dembele.