We are street criminals but we don't steal money;-Ubreezy Abobi.

Nigeria Music singer and rapper Ushie Abobi Ekpang better known by his stage name,

Ubreezy Abobi is a multi talented figure who have handle most cases of music promotion and blogging in Nigeria music industry.

Ubreezy is best known by his community and fans for his playful act and sincerity, which has gained him Much support and keeps him going till date.

Recently he took to his FB account to shares some amazing dope pictures with the capture

“We are street criminals, but we don’t steal money , we steal the habit of adaptation… We survive anywhere in the world”

Ubreezy hit it right from a tight hood where the unbelievable stories began,

an indigen of Ikt, a popular resident in lekki ,ajah where he has won almost all the heart of the people and promise to give them his Best.

Looking at the main story side, the musical art needs hit it harder to gain the most masses he needed for wide support.