Whitemoney Reacts to Hate Comments, Explains How Pere and Cross Made Him Release Song

Big Brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye winner White Money released his song Selense on Friday, the 3rd of December.

The song was immediately met with mixed reactions by fans and listeners.

Some people loved it, some people hated it, and both sides have been very vocal about their thoughts on the track.

Now, in a new interview with Cool FM, Whitemoney is talking about how he’s been dealing with the negative reactions he’s gotten to the song and opening up about how fellow housemates, Pere and Cross, helped his decision in picking Selense as the lead single to release. Here’s what White Money said about both things.

During the interview with White Money, the Cool FM host asked him saying: “How do you face the media as a musician now with all the pressures that come with it? Nobody is expecting you to do wonders, they’re probably expecting you to fail and say ‘who be this guy sef, he wan come sing, who him be sef? We wanna know how you wanna deal with that because it’s gonna come. It’s here sef” to which White Money responded:

It’s coming already. A lot of hate comments come around. A lot of comparisons. They tend to compare you with past winners. There’s a trend, ‘every Big Brother housemate that comes out wants to go into music’, but this is it – I do not want to go into music, I have been in music. It’s just that I didn’t have the platform like every other upcoming musician who needs a platform to showcase it. I have been in it. And the thing is I always tell people you don’t have to have a sleek voice like Westlife or Joe to sing, just be on key bro. Be on key and pass the message. Most of the ancient musicians don’t have the falsetto, but they have message, they have rhythm to their song, and my music cannot be for everybody. So I’m cool with my crown. It can’t be for everybody. So as much as you hate me, some people love me. Some people are buying and streaming. And the funny thing is that the haters are even streaming, and they don’t know that the more they stream it to see what I’m doing, the more I’m making money.

Then, during another part of the interview White Money opened up about how Big Brother rejuvenated his love for writing music and making music, and how housemates Pere and Cross helped him pick Selense as the lead single. He said:

This year winning Big Brother, the house helped me discover myself again. Writing songs, writing jingles for all the tasks and everything and I said ‘okay’. Now I have too many written songs because I’m a songwriter, I have too many – which one will I drop? So Pere helped me with that. The last day of the show, I sang the song, this one I dropped now to Pere and Cross in the kitchen. They heard it. I just sang it to them and we left. Unconsciously, Pere started singing the song without him knowing he was singing the song. Then Cross tapped me that Pere is singing your song, and that’s when I knew that this is the song.

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