“Who send am” – Reactions as romantic groom falls down while trying to carry his bride at their wedding (Video)

A video of a romantic groom and his bride during their wedding has surfaced online and by extension generated overwhelming reactions among netizens.

In the trending video, the bride and the groom were seen having a good dance on their wedding day in an open environment filled with their loved once.

The duo while dancing went romantic as they show off amazing gestures in an environment that oozes absolutely nothing but love and by extension captured the hearts of many.

As they continue dancing romantically, the crowd and the MC could been heard hailing the the husband and all these swiftly get into the groom head.

The romantic groom forgets his weight and wasted no time to carry the his bride who is obviously has much weight than him.

However, the groom while trying to lift the bride from the ground state found the mission impossible as they both land on the floor

In response, some of the crowd went from their various seats to the aid of the husband and they raised the groom and the bride from the floor.

Some of the crowd including the groom and bride were obviously laughing in the clip as the moment is undoubtedly a memorable one on their wedding day as they never see it coming.

Watch the video below;