Why I’d prefer to have coitus with Dogs. – Nigerian Slay Queen declares (VIDEO)

A Nigerian slay Queen, known on Instagram as Mabel took to her IG stories to seemingly justify the trending story of girls having sexual intercourse with dogs for money.

The trending gist on Nigerian social media is that girls who engage in such a bizarre act get paid up to 1.5 Million naira a night and it elicited hot takes and varying opinions.

According to Mabel, people do a lot of things to get money and it isn’t easy to keep up with the pressure in Lagos. She also averred that she will prefer to sleep with dogs than to sleep with some men.

“I don’t want to have sex with a dog for money, I will prefer to have sex with a man”..hello, most of these men are animals already, dogs are better than them. There are some men that I will prefer to have sex with a dog than to have sex with them
You saw that girls are having sex with dogs and you as a man, you are frowning your face, it is not a new thing, there are people who have sex with animals, there’s a name for this thing, it’s called Bestiality, it’s not new.
Lots of people do lots things for money, getting money is not easy for some people, that’s the reason you are doing 419 and yahoo, someone is having sex with a Dog and you’re frowning your face. Don’t act like you are holy or you are a saint

The girls that do these things are the exact kind of girls you want, girls that have their own house, cars at a very young age. Do you think it is easy, the pressure in Lagos is too much. Let’s not be judgmental, everybody has their own thing they are doing for money.

Watch her speak below:-