Why My Own Father Cut Off My Legs" - Nigerian Amputee Shares Unspeakable Story

Today’s story is such a horrific story, a story that will stay with me I think for the rest of my life. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it because it just goes to show how wicked, how evil, how cruel human beings can be – while on the other hand showing the tenacity of the human spirit and what it looks like to keep carrying on with life despite having the worst thing happen to you.

This is a very heartbreaking story, it’s a very heavy story, so before you start reading, please just be aware of that. If you have a tissue by your side, hold it – because you will need it.

Are you ready to jump in? Then let’s go!


David was born with two legs. He walked around, he played sports, got married to a loving wife and had a child. He lost his mother during that time and before her passing, his mother left a piece of land to him.

That’s where everything gets complicated.

You see, David and his father started to have misunderstandings about that piece of land left to him by his mother. His father wanted the land, but David insisted that the land belonged to him because his mother had passed it down to him.

His father was not happy about this, not at all. So, one day, when David was in the house resting with his wife and his child, he heard a noise outside his house as though someone was cutting down plantains from his farm. Upon hearing the noise, he ran outside to examine what was going on as well as to stop whoever it was that was cutting down his plantains.

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Because the lights were out and because everywhere was so dark, David didn’t see when his own father came out of the darkness and struck him with a machete. David’s father cut off his first leg, then his second, slashed parts of his body including his fingers and arms, and was reportedly just about to cut off his head when his wife ran out of the house because of David’s screaming.

His father ran away and his wife rushed him to the hospital. David said that when he woke up after undergoing surgery and seeing his legs cut off in that hospital room, he couldn’t believe it. It was unbelievable, the worst thing he could have ever imagined.

BUT even after David and his family went back home to try and see how they could continue going on with David’s new condition, the news got back to his father and his step-mother that he was still alive and this was not welcome news to them.

According to David, his step-mother sent people to finish the job that her husband had started. She wanted David dead and so David had to leave the place where he lived with his family and travel to another town so as to avoid being killed by his father and step-mother. He also had to find a way to make a living to send back to his wife and child back at home.

Now, David says that he has accepted the new reality of his life and is living happily because he believes that he is still alive for a reason. He made himself ‘new set of legs’ which help him wheel around easier and assist him when trying to support himself.

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David’s ‘new legs’

He says he forgives his father and holds no malice against him.

I don’t know if I could ever forgive such which already makes David a much better person than I am. His is truly a story of resilience and growing past unspeakable evil. It’s such a devastating story to read and so heart-breaking but I’m happy David is doing well these days and has found a way to move on with his life.