July 19, 2024
World Famous Instagram Influencer Joselyn Cano Is Dead At Age 30

World Famous Instagram Influencer Joselyn Cano Is Dead At Age 30.

The world has recently paid a heart broking and defeating tribute to an American based popular Instagram Influencer Joselyn Cano also known as Mexican Kim Kardashian a

model who died on the 7 of december 2020 following her last picture post on her verified Instagram account.

The sad news merged online after the star posted her last picture on the 7 of december following the very day she passed into eternal life to meet her creator.

Her death is cursed by a failed botched lift surgery in Colombia which had even her family and fans in a great shocked. Her death news was best carried all over the world by another Instagram model identify as @daniellachavezc who reported the incident as seen below.


In confirmation of Joselyn Cano death, Akes family funeral featured in the death of the star while announcing other’s on there YouTube channel.

2020 has brought more or record more Celebrities death worldwide than it was all expect, from pandemic which kept the world indoor for over 3 months to some Celebrities death’s.

Currently Joselyn Cano family and fans are bearing the intake of sudden heart break of there beloved daughter and celeb who passed on 7 december 2020 at age 30.

Joselyn Cano who died in Colombia was born Wednesday 14 march 1990, died on Monday 07 december 2020. R. I. P influencer.

World Famous Instagram Influencer Joselyn Cano Is Dead At Age 30, this has been one of the sad news for the month of december as well.

According to Noticias Caracol one of the Colombia online news caster, Cano crapped her fame widely in 2014 after she was featured in Lowrider Magazine as page cover. She died leaving behind the total of 13 million Instagram followers.

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