You Can Become Self Employed In  Nigeria With Just A Token - Get Full Details

Starting a business in Nigeria is one of the best decision any of her citizen can take on or think of doing to earn a better money or income.

In human life the major problem of the world is Money and with money you can make a cool better choose which will help grow and make your entire generation a billionaire just like the picture of Adeleke and his family.

Becoming self employed with little cash is best recommended for people who want to make their future a different world and bring the best out of what they do. You can make this decision and lead a way for you generation to come take over the plans which you have set down, this all start with you and becoming self employed is of the plans here.

Although you can’t just start a business without money, Capital is another deal of this and the only way you can over come is setting a plan A and B for yourself.

Your Plan A should be your “Capital“, and what is capital, is the initial money you can use in starting any kind of business. And you Plan B should be the kind of business you want to do and and how you intend to render your services and the environment as well.

Below is the list of business you can start with in Nigeria with the some of at least 50 thousand naira and you will end up becoming successful like the others business men in the country (Nigeria).

1.Food Stuff (Country / Nigeria):

Have you ever imagine why this business is always a recommended business for a beginner or the best for anyone to do mostly in Nigeria?, here is why it being analyzed at first.

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i. Food stuff business is one of the world most sell business in the history of human existence, because in daily living of human we all need food to substain, live and keep us strong towards our daily activities.

Take a look at the Nigerian billionaire and African richest business man Dangote, he started his business with a little Income compare to his present earning as of the year 2020. Dangote production has to do

with different kinds of production which includes Food, Building Items , refining and alot more, but to put you the right steps, his food produced product sells daily more than other, because its a consumable things or which human need in daily basis.

2. Red Oil Business (Country /Nigeria)

In Nigeria, you can happily start a Red Oil Business with the sum of 50k and at the end you will be gaining at least 150k more as your business profit. This is how you can make this happen.

i. Red Oil business is a seasonal business anyone can get involved even if you are doing other things aside from it. When the season comes, there is a place or state in Nigeria where you can purchase it at a

cheaper rate then preserve it to the next season where it will be very scares and and people will be looking for it, this time you can market your preserve goods and more times two of the money you used in buying it.

3. Point Of Sell ( P.O.S) Country /Nigeria.

Don’t be surprised why P.O.S is aligned together with business idea you can do or start with little money in Nigeria, is because of how technology has fast forward our generation to this point. Right now in Nigeria, P.O.S is the fastest money

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generating business you can start with at least with the sum of 50 thousand you are good to go. This office requires no education all you need know is how to operate the machine and each transaction a customer make to you gives you the sum of 100 naira in Nigeria money then 0.26 in USA Dolla.

If you have the total of 200 people making transactions with you in a day guest what you have be making the total of 20,000 thousand naira daily.

4. Barbing Or Salon Business (Nigeria / World).

When thinking of business to do with little money in Nigeria, have you ever think of Salon business? This is a pure money pouring machine with 100% assurance of you getting back your capital use in starting the business. In Nigeria the minimum amount you earn as barber pee head is 500 naira while you earn 5,000 in plating one lady hair as well.

If per person in barbing is 500 naria and you have about 200 customers in every 2 weeks you will be earning the am of 100 thousand in 2 weeks then 200 thousand in 1 month.

plating is another money generating business you can even start without just 5, 000 in Nigeria as a beginner and probably earns big in the business. In local salon in Nigeria, per hair plating is 5,000 thousand naira now let’s just assumed you have the total of 20 clients per week, you will be earning 100k per week then 400k in 1 month.

Business Location (Not Only In Nigeria But The World At Large);-

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When starting a business, don’t just rush to establish in a local or lets just say hidden area where you can’t be seen. Off course you can gladly start a business in your living environment, what you need do is look at for those things that isn’t present in the place and people go a miles to get it acquired then now you know there needs and want, you will make a better success if you follow this steps.


We believe with our little explanations you have learned something useful on how to start your business and what kind of business you can start with in Nigeria with little money which includes to help you earn at least 50_100k , 100_200_ and 200 to 400k monthly with just a token. And this business idea by our expert includes, the sells of Food items either raw cooked ones. Red Oil is another money pumbing business in Nigeria you can start with at least 50k and earn hugely from it.

P.O.S business as listed above is extra ordinary one man business that will make you smile your whole life despite the stress in it. And to Finalize it we have Salon, off course not, everyone need looks beautiful and a person who can do this is either the barber your stylist.

Don’t wait for a boss monthly salary or commission, start your own business today and be your own boss.