“You Can’t Be My Partner If You Are Ashamed Of What I Do” – Nigerian Lady Writes

“You Can’t Be My Partner If You Are Ashamed Of What I Do” – Nigerian Lady Writes

A Nigerian lady identified as uzoart on Twitter has revealed why she is very picky about choosing a partner.

The lady who works as an artist revealed that she was talking to a guy who wanted to introduce her to his parents.

She asked what he would tell them if they ask about her occupation, and he replied that he would call her an entrepreneur.

She got offended and asked why he won’t tell them she is an artist, but he didn’t take her seriously.

In her words:

This guy was talking about introducing me to his parents. I asked what would you tell them my occupation is? He said an entrepreneur. I asked why not an artist and he told me to be serious.

Like I get how close minded some people are, but there is no way you can be my partner if you’re ashamed to tell people I’m an artist.”

Reacting to this post, RhinestoneIn wrote: “Lol maybe they don’t understand who an artist is ….been saving for months to buy a piece of artwork… it’s a noble job and anyone should def be proud of that.”

Blkgurljournal said: “There’s no way ppl should still have this mindset in 2023! Artist contribute to the beauty of life. What would the world be without painters, sculptors, architects, writers, fashion designers, photographers, musicians, film makers, etc.?.”

Sosoulfull added: “I agree with you. Being ashamed of what I do for a living is an absolute dealbreaker.”

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