You don’t know what’s coming for you – Actress Empress Njamah’s ex threatens after she accused him of domestic violence

Popular Nigerian actress Empress Njamah, has raised the alarm that her ex-fiancé Josh Wade has threatened her life after she outed him for abusing and blackmailing her.

Recall the Nollywood actress had sent out a disclaimer barely a day after her engagement video saying that it was under duress and that she was not in control of the account.

She stated that she’d been beaten and abused by her self proclaimed fiancé and locked in the house repeatedly.

She added that he’d also been blackmailing her with her nude videos and had taken control of her life.

She disclosed how she’d eventually escaped and called on the public and authorities to protect her as he’d also seized her international passport.

She wrote:

I would like to bring to the notice of the general public that my account @empressnjamah has been hacked and is susceptible to scam, please refrain from contacting or dealing with this IG account as i have no access to it at this moment.

The previous posts about being engaged is FALSE!
Kindly disregard, the post was made by the unscrupulous element from Liberia whose aim is to taint my image In the guise of being My fiancé

That video was made under Duress

The scammer gained access to the IG account as well as my phone, contacts, Email, Bank account and has my car, international passport and other valuables.

I’m being blackmailed, to pay $450,000 L Claiming he loaned me the money…

Please beware of such dubious individuals who present themselves as genuine with good intent but underneath are “The Devil” whose aim is solely to ruin, dupe and inflict harm on anyone they come in contact with.
He also referenced that he is involved with a couple of celebrities, either for business dealings or personal relationships. However, I have made some investigations to confirm this claim as well as background checks on the information he provided prior dealings, and all were false. Please be conscious about who you deal with, either for business purposes or for relationships. Some People are out to dupe you. Sadly, I am a victim.

I have contacted the Appropriate security Agencies to assist in tracking and identifying this person as well as provided information where necessary to assist in apprehending him because my life is at risk.
Please be safe out there.

NB: Please reach me via my business page @realhouseofempress (This is the only avenue to reach me) and I’M NOT ENGAGED, fortunately I’m still alive after series of beatings & torture

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The ex-fiancé on his part said that he’d simply beaten another man who’d been blackmailing her with her sex videos, hence the reason he got hold of them.

He said that she’d ‘escaped’ while he was in another room, while admitting that he’d assaulted her. He alleged that she was owing him huge sums of money hence he wouldn’t let her be till she paid him back.

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Empress has now shared a video of Josh allegedly threatening her after she reported him to the public.

She wrote:

Beware of this Scammer!!
Threats and more threats
I’m no longer safe.
Immediately after he posted on my page yesterday I got this video from him threatening me.
Attn: @ngpolice
Please get this man arrested, it’s clear that he has everything planned out on how to attack me after my rebuttal.

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