July 23, 2024
Young Lady Poisoned After Giving An iPhone 11 On Her Birthday.

Beauty Nigeria Lady identify as Deborah Tushima has allegedly lost her life on her birthday. Deborah slumps and die while dancing on her birthday party ground.

According to some eye withnes, Deborah was dancing happily in her birthday party when she suddenly fell down started vomiting blood and died at the secen.

This could be due to some bad friends and envyness, because Deborah Was report to have been giving alot of gifts on her birthday including iPhone 11 which may have actually lead to her poisoning and Sudden death.

Currently some good hearted friends and family of Deborah are seriously in pain, heartbroken and mourning their just department lovely daughter who just past on.

See her last post made on her birthday few hours before she passed away.

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