Zazoo Zeh: Poco Lee Go Ahead To Released Portable Hit Song Video Under His Name On Youtube (Pictures)

Habeeb Okikiola popular known as Portable is currently under ripped, as his hit song Zazoo Zeh has been pumping him money but Into another’s man account.

Portable who is 27-years of age called out dancer Poco Lee, after his song Zazoo Zeh made a trend as top one in Nigeria which fetched him a lot of money from others celebrities but had just few reaching him.

After he called out Poco Lee for doing away with his Wizkid spread dollar, he was sent away by his management (Ogbagidi), the issues was later settled.

As Nigerians keep on more investigation and eye’s on him, they discovered that Poco Lee still went ahead to released the song under his name and became the first among top 5 artists of the week on Audiomack africa.

As the video drop, we took deep search and we have further discovered that even the video was released under Poco’s name, meaning the song has forever belongs to him and not Portable the singer.


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