July 21, 2024
Zimle Biography, Qualification And State Of Origin

Zimle is a Nigerian popularly video director, his real name is Zimgbara Paul Legborsi one of the person who have contributed effectively and tirelessly to Nigerian entertainment industry and still going.

The video director wins more heart with his good job, the ways of his jobs and quality presentation. He all started with friends in the hood but became large in the game and decided to go global along with those he can.

Zimle is not just a video director as you may think but also a graduate of B.S.C Tourism Studies.

In 2018, the talented video director started with this which later became a recognition status for him. Currently he has numerous artists which he has worked in and still working with.

He has worked with the likes of Tpops, expensive Billy and D’marni, Emyung Ag, spaacey Og to mention but a few, this

mentioned artists have a good work of Zimle and most of his work has a top rated quality from around the state.

2018 to 2020 is just 2 year’s away but his good has elevated an encourages a lots of artists to have a vusaul views of themselves. Although 2018 was a main starting year for

him but he has gone through a professional training during the past years and later stamped into it officially in 2018.

Since Zimle came in fully into entertainment industry as video director, a lots of upcoming artists and comedian has been able to afford a cool shoot in affordable prices for themselves.

In phone call interview with him, he reviewed that as time goes, Zimle will be an academy where others will learn about video editing and shooting also.

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